How It Works

Fun Daily Trivia To Make You Think Differently And More Frequently About Sustainability

The game is designed to be simple, thought provoking and over time, help you live a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
Each game is served up via email every day at 9am local time. Open the email and click the link to play - the games take about 2 minutes to complete.
After you submit your answers, you'll immediately be able to see the correct answers along with sustainability tips and links to healthy, socially responsible and eco-friendly products and brands.
To fund the game, some links are sponsored content or affiliate links where we may receive a small commission for any revenue generated.
We will only partner with companies we trust, that create products and services we love, and that share our core values about sustainability and global health.
The scoring will be tallied up each week on Friday night. Players win points for playing the game and for each question they answer correctly.
How to win
If you play all five games in a week, you'll be eligible for the free product sample that week. We'll email all users on Friday afternoon to collect a mailing address. Those will be shipped out on the following Tuesday each week.
Highest point totals each week will qualify for additional larger giveaway prizes and bonus points will be available for inviting new friends to play the game.
Each game is sponsored by an eco-conscious brand or socially responsible organization and prizes will consist of free product samples and deep discounts.
Our mission is to help bring sustainability and global health front of mind so that our users start acting and consuming in a more eco-conscious, health-focused manner. Every little thing that you do and each positive thought that you have will help us reduce waste and cut back on carbon emissions.
We hope you have fun with G5 and use the buttons below to share with your friends. Thanks for playing!

Syl, David and Will
co-founders, G5

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