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Coalatree launched their first product on Kickstarter- True or False?
Correct Answer: TRUE
Back in 2013 Coalatree put out the Kachula blanket made using recycled nylon -

The 3 in 1 Kachula blanket has been called the Swiss Army Knife of Blankets by Outside magazine and can be transformed into a rain poncho, travel pillow, or can be used as a waterproof blanket.
How many tons of landfill have been diverted by Coalatree's manufacturing process?
Answer: 329 tons of landfill waste have been diverted and repurposed for their products.

Their best-seller, the trailhead adventure pants are made using recycled nylon and polyester and were voted the "The Best Hiking Pants in the World" by Outside Magazine.

Check out the trailheads now.
Where was Coalatree originally founded?
Correct Answer: B.) Colorado
Coalatree was founded on an organic farm in Colorado in 2010.

With the goal of giving back to surrounding underprivileged communities through community gardening initiatives.

In 2016 the brand moved to Salt Lake City where it's currently based.

If you're in the area, go check out their new retail location!
Daily Tip: shop sustainable brands whenever you're looking for a gift or new product.
What is Coalatree's newest recycled component that they have begun using in their products?
Correct Answer: A.) Coffee Grounds & Recycled Plastic Bottles
While Coalatree has used all of the inputs mentioned above in the past, the latest recycled inputs that they have began to incorporate into their products are recycled coffee grounds and plastic bottles.

Last year they launched their Evolution Hoodie which is made using 3 cups of recycled coffee grounds and 10 plastic bottles.
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