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Fun Daily Trivia To Make You Think Differently And More Frequently About Sustainability

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The Price Is Right! Is renewable energy more expensive?
Correct Answer: TRUE & FALSE
We gave everyone a point here because the data is all over the place depending on where you live and which types of energy are available to you.
However, the consensus is that very soon (as soon as 2020 according to some sources) the cost of RENEWABLE energy will drop below the cost of traditional fossil fuel energy. Read more here and email us if you find more interesting data around renewable energy costs.
Daily Tip: spend five minutes to email or call your energy company this week (seriously, put it on your to-do list right now) to ask about your options for renewable energy and the cost to switch. This is the easiest way to reduce a large percentage of our household carbon footprint - depending on your climate, home energy is usually the 2nd largest component (after Travel) of our carbon footprint calculation - learn more here with this online calculator.
What is ESG anyway?
Correct Answer: Environmental Social Governance
ESG Investing is a popular term in the Investing world and if you dig into it, it makes a ton of sense when researching which public stocks to buy or sell. This article offers a good overview, but if you're looking for the TLDR version, good ESG companies should perform well over the long term because they are doing the right things for the Environment (climate change, carbon footprint, green tech, etc.), for Society (wages, human rights, gender rights, working conditions, etc.) and their corporate Governance is setup for the company to be successful for the long term (compensation, bonus structure, quality of board of directors, diversity of board and management team, transparency in communicating with shareholders, etc.)
Daily Tip: check out Uplift Investing if you're looking to learn more or are in the market for a new financial advisor that focuses on ESG Investing. (Full disclosure that's my wife's new firm, so I may be slightly biased.)
How much cleaner are electric vehicles?
Correct Answer: 50% or more
Buying a car is royal pain- the haggling, the documents, the signatures, the salespeople... but all of the data says that going electric is the greenest way to go. And the new electric cars are offering an easier and more customer friendly way to buy or lease an EV.
Offset the painful purchase process by knowing your new ride is reducing your carbon footprint.
Daily Tip: here's the latest list of new EV's coming on the market in 2020.
Movie Trivia
Correct Answer: An Inconvenient Truth
Al Gore is the star of this Academy Award winning documentary from 2006. This was the original wake up call for many Americans to start taking action against Climate Change.
If you haven't seen it yet, or it's been a while, you can watch the trailer here
Daily Tip: watch the film everyday before you start your day. Just kidding. Show it to your kids to get them thinking about sustainability at an early age. : )
Thank you for playing and we hope you have an amazing day with a few new sustainable thoughts and green actions as you go about your day!
: )
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