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Fun Daily Trivia To Make You Think Differently And More Frequently About Sustainability

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Game 4 Answers:
Great Shower Etiquette
Correct Answer: All Of The Above
Showers are a big component of our daily life (a 30min shower daily means you're spending 3.5% of your waking hours getting clean) and there's a huge opportunity to be greener with your daily rinse.
Shorter showers, cooler showers and eco-friendly soaps and shampoos are all super simple and easy things you can start doing immediately to have a positive impact.
Daily Tip: Visit Grove Collaborative for eco-friendly healthy products for your daily shower routine.
On The Road Again
Correct Answer: True
Driving more slowly and smoothly is definitely a green way to live and (statistically speaking will increase your life expectancy #lifeisshort ) - keeping your speed closer to 60mph vs. 75mph will make your vehicle 20% more efficient in terms of gas mileage and carbon emissions.
Daily Tip: If you're driving daily, make an effort to slow down and relax - follow these recommendations to be more fuel efficient and cut back on the carbon your vehicle emits Learn More Here
Gwyneth Paltrow's Lifestyle Website
Correct Answer: Goop
Focused on Clean Beauty, Natural Products and Wellness - check out Goop today!
Daily Tip: Follow Goop on social media and subscribe to their email for more tips and product recommendations that will help you live and consume more sustainably.
Which country was ranked most sustainable in 2018?
Correct Answer: Switzerland
According to the Environmental Performance Index, Switzerland ranked highest above France, Denmark, Malta and Sweden in the top five. Read more about the EPI and how it's calculated here.
Daily Tip: Help the USA climb the ranks of the EPI and tell your friends about the interesting sustainable lifestyle facts, products and tips you're learning about each day : )
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