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Fun Daily Trivia To Make You Think Differently And More Frequently About Sustainability

Hello Again! Thank you so much for playing G5 - here are the answers, explanations and a few links to additional fun facts and tips about sustainability. Play again tomorrow at 9am local and have an amazing sustainable day!
Renewable Energy
Correct Answer: 10%
A mere 10% of the world's electricity is generated by renewable sources such as Solar, Wind, Geothermal or Hydroelectric. The remaining 90% of global electricity is created by non-renewable sources such as Coal, Oil and Natural Gas.
Looking for ways to switch to renewable energy in your home or rental - check this out for ideas from The Climate Reality Project.
Daily Tip:  Make it a priority to research your electric and gas bill - contact your energy provider to determine options to switch to Renewable Energy.
Put That Latte Down
Correct Answer: A Large Latte
A large latte creates approximately 340g of CO2e. Black Coffee or Tea creates approximately 21g and a can of Diet Coke or Red Bull generates approximately 150g of carbon.
Side note- RedBull has this awesome website about their commitment to sustainability and has a line of Organic Beverages 
If you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint, the keys are to eliminate milk from your daily coffee or tea fix and commit to reusable containers, rather than disposable cans or bottles whenever you're out on the go. (source: Carbon Trust Org)
Daily Tip:  Baby Steps: start drinking more of your tea and coffee w/o milk and cream. Commit to avoiding disposable containers - beer cans, soda cans, plastic water bottles and glass bottles all can be skipped on the daily. Big Step: try testing a vegan diet once a week to ease into a more sustainable diet. Beginners Guide To The Vegan Diet.
"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."
Correct Answer: Native American Proverb
If you're looking for more inspirational quotes about green living, check these out.
Daily Tip:  Talk to your children daily about your new sustainable habits and how you're working to improve your carbon footprint / reduce wastefulness. We're doing this to ensure our children's children have an Earth to enjoy.
Thank you so much for playing and we hope you have an amazing day with a few new sustainable thoughts and actions as you go about your day!
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