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Fun Daily Trivia To Make You Think Differently And More Frequently About Sustainability

Nice work! Two days. Two games! You're on a roll! Speaking of being on a roll.....
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Question 1: Daily Habits
Correct Answer - Thermostat Management!
According to A Cooler Climate Org adjusting your thermostat 2 degrees higher in summer and 2 degrees lower in winter can reduce up to 2,000 pounds of carbon per home per year.
Based on research done by, 500ml Plastic Bottles of water contribute approximately 3oz of Carbon per bottles consumed. If you're drinking 3 or 4 of these bottles per day, you're contributing to over 200 pounds of carbon per year.
Cold water washing reduces carbon by 864 pounds per year according to ColdWaterSaves and you'll see lower monthly gas/electric bills!
Finally, .15 pounds of carbon per room is created per hour when you leave lights on in a room. Shutting off lights in your house in a few rooms for just a couple hours each day can reduce 328 pounds of carbon per year. Study by BU Sustainability.
Daily Tip: adjust your thermostat today and see if anyone in your home notices the difference ; )
Question 2: Eco-Friendly Brands
Correct Answer - SilkRoll® 
SilkRoll is a points based exchange that protects the value of your wardrobe. Starting with high-end women's fashion, customers send in items from their closets to earn points, which they can redeem to shop for clothes without spending an extra penny, while participating in a full circular economy. SilkRoll is building a long-term, sustainable solution for the future of shopping.
Oh, and they're today's sponsor, so please visit their site and try a new sustainable fashion solution.
Circular Fashion is by far the best way to shop online if you're trying to be as sustainable as possible.
Daily Tip: try these other new ways to shop green: RenewalWorkshop (they sell refurbished products that manufacturers usually send to landfills.) TheRealReal  (online consignment for high end fashion.)
Question 3: Greenest States
Correct Answer: Vermont
Nice work in grabbing a point if you guessed Vermont.
In order of best to worst:
Mass came in 3rd place of 50.
California came in 9th place of 50.
Louisiana brought up the rear in 50th place. Ouch.
Learn more about the study here: ToteBagFactory
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SilkRoll is building a long-term, sustainable solution for the future of shopping.
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