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Our mission is simple

Our goal: for you to have fun, think differently and more frequently about global health and living a sustainable lifestyle.

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Let's Play!

Positive Vibes

We take an "education-as-fun" approach to promoting a sustainable lifestyle. We feel there’s too much “holier-than-thou” attitude. Our approach is simple, fun and designed to make you think.

Gamified Learning

We combine practical educational content with sustainable commerce to get people thinking about eco-conscious consumption and living a sustainable lifestyle.

Thought Provoking

We aren't here to criticize habits. This is a positive, thoughtful community that rewards you for taking baby steps towards a more sustainable future.

Fun & Rewarding

Our content consists of fun trivia and eco-friendly pop culture. Plus you'll get tips, earn rewards and win free products from new eco-conscious brands.

A fun way to learn about living an eco-conscious lifestyle.